Sandwich Panels

A sandwich panel is any structure made of three layers: a low-density core, and a thin skin-layer bonded to each side. Sandwich panels are used in applications where a combination of high structural rigidity and low weight is required. Home / EPS in Building / Panel. Insulated sandwich panels are single piece factory engineered units typically comprised of two metal faces bonded to a fully insulating core. Today Sandwich Panels represent the achievements of construction technology. They are no less durable than traditional building materials, but much lighter. However, for a variety of characteristics they leave usual concrete blocks or wooden structures far behind.

Construction works using Sandwich Panels can be carried out all the year round. Sandwich Panels are distinguished with their attractive appearance, a wide range of colors and a variety of shaped elements. You can avoid additional costs, since in most cases it does not require additional refinement neither outside nor inside.

Mobility and Efficiency
Sandwich Panel is the only material that allows disassembling the construction and erecting it somewhere else. At the same time, due to the light weight of Sandwich Panels, transportation could be relatively cheap. The transportation costs for delivery of a square meter of one Sandwich Panels wall is 50 times cheaper than, for example, for delivery of bricks or concrete.

Erection Promptness
High-speed erection is achieved due to the light weight of panels, as well as due to their design features, such as complete factory-assembled. It is possible to increase the useful area of the building, due to significant decrease in thickness of walls and partitions.

Construction Lightness
Lightweight of Sandwich Panels affects the reduction of costs for equipping the basement; there is no need for heavy lifting equipment.

Sandwich Panels meet the sanitary and environmental standards, including standards of housing construction; another property is excellent sound insulation. The panel construction excludes the appearance of fungus or mold, and panel materials are not attractive to rodents. Sandwich Panels cladding perfectly carries detergent treatment.

Long Working Life
The working life of Sandwich Panels on average is about 50 years. Besides, since the building of Sandwich Panels is an assembled prefabrication, any damaged element of the construction could be easily replaced.

Low Thermal Conductivity
According to rough estimates, Sandwich Panel, with a 10 cm thick expanded polystyrene retains heat as good as traditional building materials:

Our steel framed fast house model can be supplied on a concrete floor base or a suspended floor chassis for uneven ground or where concrete costs can be detrimental to the overall project cost. Our entry level solutions can be easily adapted beyond our sample plans to feature additional terraces, bedrooms or bathrooms. Despite the steel frame, there is no need for any mechanical equipment of note to erect these houses on site and they can be completed in a fraction of the time needed by traditional building methods.

• Lightweight structure which can be erected without cranes or machinery • Hot galvanized steel and anti-corrosive coatings reduce rusting • Highly adaptable and flexible designs • Low cost and excellent value for money • Structure can easily be demounted and reassembled elsewhere • High shipping volumes; one 40HC can ship up to 330m2 of housing • Life span: 10-15 years • Base Structure Materials • PCC Flooring, Base U Channel, • Wall Panels and Installation Accessories

Building Smart Prefab villas in Pakistan.
Majestic Builders is an expert and professional manufacturer of prefabricated houses, which reflects in innovative and modern designs of its products. Our expert architects design houses models taking into consideration the expectations of customers. Majestic prefabricated houses have many advantages such as being environmentally friendly, innovative and aesthetic design, long lasting, and ergonomic usage. Single-storey and double-storey prefabricated houses are produced with utmost care.

Container Houses:
Houses/Villas can be loaded into container and shipped overseas by land, air or sea transportation means according to international standards. When they arrive on site our prefabricated houses can be installed easily and quickly by our expert teams and delivered as ready to use. All parts in our prefabricated houses such as steel door, internal doors, double glazed PVC windows, electricity and water networks and fixtures, roofing and paint come as ready to use. Prefabricated houses are perfectly insulated with wall different thickness 100mm that consist of two 8mm cement boards and 84 mm of EPS between them. Furthermore a layer of glass wool is placed above roof covering, in addition to The steel door and double glazed PVC windows.

Technical Parameter of standard prefabricated house:
1. Wind resistance: Grade 11(wind speed≤111.5km/h)
2. Earthquake resistance: Grade 7
3. Live load capacity of roofing: 0.5kn/m2
3. External and internal wall heat transmission coefficient: 0.35Kcal/m2hc
4. First floor load capacity: 150 kg/㎡
5. Live load of corridor is 2.0kn/ ㎡
6. Four skilled workers can finish installation of 100sqm in 8 hours for the light steel structure.
7. Most components of the house are recycled, so the shelf life is over 20 years without any building garbage.
8. We can design and produce the house according to customer’s request.